By Laws

The elections of SUGRAMA are held after the Grama Panchayat elections. The main backbone of SUGRAMA is the Taluk level federation. To ensure that the elections at the Taluk and State level federations are conducted in a fair manner, the founding members of SUGRAMA drafted the by-laws.

  • An Elected Woman Representative in order to obtain membership of SUGRAMA shall enter her particulars in the membership form and shall remit an amount of Rs. 100/- towards membership fees. The membership should be renewed on a yearly basis.
  • Upon obtaining the membership of SUGRAMA, a member shall be issued an Identity card which symbolizes her membership at SUGRAMA.
  • Former elected women leaders can also obtain membership, but the Steering Committee will only comprise of members who are holding Grama Panchayat office at the time of SUGRAMA election. Ex. Members will have no voting rights until the time they contest again and get re-elected.
  • The Steering Committee will implement the programmes and decisions of the general body at each level.
  • The Steering Committee members will have the power to elect the President, Vice president, Secretary, Joint Secretary and Treasurer.
  • All decisions will be taken only when the quorums (2/3rds) of the Steering Committee and general body are filled.
  • The President will be responsible for coordinating and networking with various line departments and agencies that are working on strengthening Panchayati Raj Institutions and will guide the Secretary and members towards a common vision.
  • The Secretary will look after the activities and roles of each Taluk level federation, and the Treasurer will handle all the federations’ accounts and finances.
  • All meetings will be documented and the minutes will be shared with all the members.