About Us

SUGRAMA - Grama Panchayat Chunayitha Mahila Prathinidigala Sangha, Karnataka - is a federation representing the rights and interests of Gram Panchayat elected women representatives of Karnataka.

Registered under the Societies Registration Act of Karnataka, 1960, SUGRAMA is a platform for women members of Gram Panchayats to come together and support each other in bringing positive change through collective action. Advocacy for people-centered policies is the primary mandate of SUGRAMA.

The members of SUGRAMA collaborate and support each other to promote good governance, deepen democracy and move beyond representation to participate as active and effective leaders. It is also a platform for co-learning and sharing of experiences. Sustained efforts of its members have resulted in SUGRAMA being built into a vibrant state level federation.

SUGRAMA has come to represent the united strength of elected women leaders of Gram Panchayats in Karnataka.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to empower elected Gram Panchayat women representatives to collectively advocate and practice good governance for the overall development of Gram Panchayats.

We envisage empowered Gram Panchayat women representatives in a gender just and equal society.