Founding Members

Seven elected women representatives of 7 districts worked together to conceptualize and build the state wide federation which is today known as SUGRAMA. Meeting every month they undertook this path breaking work and developed the Bye Laws and working principles. The founding members are:

Ms. Renuka, the current President of SUGRAMA was one amongst the 7 members who looked at forming an association of Gram Panchayat Elected Women Representatives to enable them to assert their rights as elected representatives. In addition to being a part of the initial discussions and formation, she also went on to become the first President of SUGRAMA at the state level.
Ms. Vijayalakshmi, former member of Magondi Gram Panchayat, Kolar District and former member of the Steering Committee of SUGRAMA was successful in raising her voice in the Gram Panchayat against the functioning of the officials and utilization of funds. The confidence gained by her upon joining SUGRAMA and obtaining trainings from The Hunger Project led her to become the member of the Taluk Panchayat.
Ms. Sujatha former member of Kannangala Gram Panchayat, Kodagu District and former member of the Steering Committee of SUGRAMA felt the need for a platform for women members. Her confidence boosted other women members also to join her path towards effective participation of women members in local self government.
Ms. Nagarathna S. from Byrapura Gram Panchayat, Mysore District. Though she garnered support from other members during her tenure as Gram Panchayat member she felt that there was a need for a platform to enable women’s voices to be heard in the decision making process, which motivated her to be part of the journey of SUGRAMA.
Ms. Gundamma Bavidoddi, former member of Mathergaon Grama Panchayat of Bidar District and former member of the Steering Committee of SUGRAMA found SUGRAMA as a platform to enable her to raise her voice and exercise her rights without being a mere ‘politician’.
Ms. Kenchamma, former member of Neralakere Gram Panchayat, Chickmagalur District played a pivotal role during the formation of SUGRAMA.